Joel Russell Computer Science

I'm a CompSci student.

I'm Joel Russell. I'm starting my final year as a Computer Science BSc student at the University of Surrey, following a year-long software development placement at Fivium. At Surrey I have been President of the Computing Society and the Technical Manager of StagTV. I am an elected Committee member of Surrey Stage Crew. I spend my free time working on exciting live events and broadcasts with both Stage Crew and StagTV, and I have a developing interest in photography, mostly portraits.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] for any reason; I'm pretty quick with replies.

What's Joel up to?


I'm finishing a placement at Fivium where I am currently a Junior Application Developer.

Current Education

I'm studying for a BSc in Computer Science at the University of Surrey, where I'm soon to start my final year.


I am involved in StagTV, the University of Surrey's student-run video creators community and broadcast service. I have helped with the planning, set-up, vision mixing, and most other roles of StagTV-run livestreams, and in my year as Technical Manager I was responsible for the society's complex equipment.

Stage Crew

I get involved in Surrey Stage Crew, the Students' Union's society which oversees lighting, sound, and rigging for most campus events. I have gained a lot of interesting experiences and knowledge in taking part in the society, and it's a lot of fun! For my final year I am on the society's Committee as the Webmaster.


I was President of the University of Surrey Computing Society (CompSoc) in my second year, and I oversaw the society in its aims to support CompSci students and engage all students in academic and social events. The society won the Gold STARs award for our hard work.

Here are some things I do

Web Design

I've spent some time making nice-looking professional websites for some local businesses and people. A few examples include a local music artist and a professional translator. Anything from a simple informational page to a detailed and complex site, I've worked on it.

Web Development

I've been working with PHP for a few years, building sites for fun and getting to grips with it. I've also been using MySQL. More recently I've started working with Ruby on Rails.


A bit of a hobby. I enjoy taking and editing pictures of things, and I'm working on a custom-built website to show off said pictures. I'll probably get a proper DSLR once I can afford a nice one.