Joel Russell Computer Science

I'm a CompSci student.

I'm Joel Russell. I'm studying Computer Science at the University of Surrey, where I am President of the Computing Society.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] for any reason; I'm pretty quick with replies.

What's Joel up to?

Current Education

I'm currently studying for a BSc in Computer Science at the University of Surrey, where I'm in my second year.


I was elected to lead the University of Surrey Computing Society (CompSoc) and as President I have been overseeing the society in its aims to support CompSci students and engage all students in academic and social events.

Here are some things I do

Web Design

I've spent some time making nice-looking professional websites for some local businesses and people. A few examples include a local music artist and a professional translator. Anything from a simple informational page to a detailed and complex site, I've worked on it.

Web Development

I've been working with PHP for a few years, building sites for fun and getting to grips with it. I've also been using MySQL. More recently I've started working with Ruby on Rails.


A bit of a hobby. I enjoy taking and editing pictures of things, and I'm working on a custom-built website to show off said pictures.